Celebrating tax season all year long.

Tax preparation requires year-round financial planning, analysis, and adjustments. It can be a struggle to keep up with these activities while also deciphering complicated tax law and managing multiple filing deadlines. Let Harris step in and lighten your tax load.

Taxes are complex, but there’s no reason for you to end up with a surprise tax bill or in a crunch to meet a reporting deadline. Harris’ experienced tax professionals can help you proactively plan for and comply with reporting requirements, and prepare accurate tax returns.

We make it our business to understand how tax implications affect your organization—and how to apply tax law to your advantage. Your team can rely on ours to provide the guidance you need to make smart decisions throughout the fiscal year.

Expert tax planning, preparation and compliance

Our tax planning & compliance services include:

  • Tax consulting and research
  • International, federal, and Idaho state tax
  • Income, sales, and personal property tax
  • Employment tax
  • Payroll tax
  • Assistance with tax controversy and IRS audits
  • Department of Labor Forms & compliance
  • Income tax provisions for financial statements (ASC 740)
  • R&D tax credits
  • 179D energy-efficiency studies
  • Cost segregation and fixed asset analysis
  • Domestic production deduction (DPAD) Section 199
  • Meals and entertainment deductions
  • Uniform capitalization rules and calculations
  • Accounting method analysis
  • Tax studies

Want to hear more about our planning capabilities? Speak with one of our experts.

Want to hear more about our planning capabilities? Speak with one of our experts.