Let your legacy carry on.

You’ve built your business through sweat, toil and tireless effort. But how do you ensure that your efforts create a legacy that lives on after you step down or retire? Every company experiences transition at some point, and not all business owners can rely on the next generation to take the reins. Succession planning is not a one-size fits-all or a one-time event. Whether you are executing a carefully developed succession plan or reacting to a sudden leadership departure, our primary goal remains the same; protecting client relationships, your business operations and employees, and your company's future.

What We Do

Business Valuation Services

Whether you need a valuation for the purposes of a merger, exit planning, divorce, litigation, or life insurance, we'll help provide a comprehensive review of your business.

Value Optimization Services

After a valuation, we will work with your business to strategically enhance calue by increasing profitability, cashflow and efficiency.

Succession / Exit Planning Services

Whether you are passing your business to an heir, an existing employee, or selling, we'll help you develop an integrated, proactive approach to help you plan for your personal transition.


• Passing your business to an heir
• Selling your business to a co-owner
• Leadership succession planning with an existing employee
• Selling your business to an outside party
• Buy/sell agreements

Our Process

Our professionals will help you navigate the transfer of your business interests to a new owner, whether the new ownership is from within your company or outside your company. We will help you create a plan and establish a framework for decision-making and management continuity, address legal and tax considerations, and develop contingency plans for unexpected events. We can bring objectivity to the process and help facilitate difficult conversations so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your business will continue to thrive following a change of ownership.



Robert Shappee, CPA, CCIFP

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