Season 2: Episode 8: Harris CPAs Economic Event Recap with Washington Trust Bank and Conrad Ball

In this episode of ‘Accounting for Tomorrow’, host Josh Tyree is joined by Conrad Ball, the Southern Idaho regional president for Washington Trust Bank. Together, they provide a recap of the annual Harris CPAs Economic Update where Steve Scranton, the Chief Investment Officer and Chief Economist, shared insights and outlooks for 2024. They discussed job growth, income trends, personal spending, borrowing rates, inflation, and preparing for future economic challenges. This insightful discussion offers valuable information for community leaders and business owners looking to navigate the ever-changing economic landscape.

Show Notes:

  • 00:42 Recap of the Annual Harris CPAs Economic Update
  • 01:19 Introduction to Guest Speaker: Conrad Ball
  • 02:56 Discussion on Job Growth and Income
  • 04:34 Challenges in the Labor Force
  • 07:45 Impact of Inflation on the Economy
  • 13:19 Insights on Borrowing and Interest Rates
  • 18:15 Understanding Inflation and its Impact
  • 22:45 How can you best prepare for a recession?


Harris CPAs Economic Event Presentation Video

Conrad Ball’s Biography

Washington Trust Bank’s Website

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