Season 2: Episode 11: Navigating the Corporate Transparency Act

In this episode, our host, Josh Tyree introduces Brittany Mergan, CPA of CTA Compliance, the preferred provider for helping our clients comply with the new Corporate Transparency Act requirements. Along with our partner at Harris, David Hutchison, EA, they address key aspects of the Act, help define the types of owners that will be required to report, deadlines for reporting, exemptions, and tips for multi-entity owners.

Show Notes:

  • 00:35 Introduction to the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA)
  • 01:24 Current Status and Legal Challenges of the CTA
  • 02:47 What is Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) and the role of FinCEN?
  • 04:20 Who needs to file and what do I have to submit?
  • 05:10 Consequences of Non-Compliance with the CTA
  • 05:59 Defining ownership interest, and the effect on spouses
  • 10:08 Deadlines for reporting
  • 11:42 Defining reporting applicants and their responsibilities in reporting
  • 13:20 Clarifying requirements for Single Member LLCs or Sole Proprietors
  • 16:33 Tips for multi-entity owners


Questions on CTA Compliance, contact

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