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Jacob Ghali

Staff Accountant

Jacob kicked off his accounting career at Harris as a student intern and joined the team full time at the end of his internship. Always being a team player, Jacob consistently meets deadlines well in advance, thrives in close collaboration with his team as well as clients, and eagerly shoulders project responsibilities. Juggling the demands of building a career while pursuing an accounting degree is no easy feat, and Jacob cites it as one of his most fulfilling accomplishments. He enjoys all aspects of the audit process, from preliminary fieldwork to the final drafting phases, ensuring the firm’s clientele receives thorough and accurate financial audits.

Growing up in the Bay Area, Jacob is very much accustomed to the outdoors, a sentiment that drew him to the rugged beauty of Idaho. Jacob’s most enjoyed hobby is mountain biking, and he is proud to share that he is currently a licensed mountain bike coach for Centennial High School in Boise! Being able to share his passion for mountain biking with a younger generation is what inspired him to coach. Besides mountain biking, Jacob also enjoys skiing, fishing, and traveling to new places with friends.

  • BBA in Accountancy, Boise State University (In progress)
Book Most Recently Read:

Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt