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ALiya Riggs

Executive Assistant

Aliya is viewed by her coworkers as professional, reliable, highly organized, and works great under pressure. Getting the job done right is important to her and she prides herself at being good at concentrating on data while looking for the best method of solving the problem. She is the type of person who will accept challenges and accept them seriously. She appreciates the productive, efficient but fun workplace that the Ketchum office has provided for her. She brings over 20 years of customer service experience; working with high-end clientele selling luxury goods, banking, as well as office management and administration. She currently is the executive assistant to the 3 partners in her office, and the first point of contact with clients for the Ketchum office.

Aliya was born and raised in Russia. She fell in love with Sun Valley, Idaho during her college summer break "Work & Travel" experience in the United States in 1999. After graduating college in 2000 she announced that "the Mountains are Calling and I Must Go" and moved to Sun Valley to live permanently. She loves down-hill skiing, hiking, biking, and swimming in ice-cold mountain lakes. For fun, she took classes in German, French, Turkish, Latin and is currently learning Italian. She is passionate about gems and holds a Graduate Gemologist diploma from Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California. She is known to spend entire days at the Gems and Minerals Departments of Natural History Museums in every city she visits. Aliya is married and has a 17-year-old son.

  • BA in TESOL, Kazan State Pedagogical University, Russia
  • Graduate Gemologist, Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad CA
Favorite Quote:

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" - Franklin D. Roosevelt