Delivering the goods.

Industry consolidation, globalization, and technology have blurred the lines between the traditional roles of product manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor, retailer, and the consumer. The environment for getting goods to market, and the market itself, is more complex than ever. On one hand, it literally opens up endless possibilities—and on the other, it demands focus, continual planning and analysis, efficient systems, and flexibility.

Financial and organizational expertise to boost manufacturing performance

At Harris, our team of CPAs who specialize in manufacturing bring a deep understanding of your industry’s challenges—namely, changing technologies, on-demand expectations, and growing competition in an online world. We’re experienced working across sectors, and committed to delivering customized solutions to help your business operate more efficiently and profitably in such a fast-paced marketplace. From tax planning to inventory system design to internal controls review, we help manufacturers and distributors implement strategies to meet their many challenges with confidence.

Financial guidance for retail success

Sustaining a competitive advantage is the hallmark of today's retail environment. Retailers must adapt to meet growing consumer demands for greater value and convenience, and be prepared to harness emerging sales platforms and opportunities.

Harris’ expertly guide retailers to take advantage of this evolving landscape. Our accurate and experience-based financial guidance allows you to make informed decisions—positioning you to release timely new products, streamline operations, and provide high-quality, low-cost service.

Our accounting and operation services for manufacturing, distributing, and retail include:

  • Federal and state tax planning and preparation
  • Financial statement preparation, including compilations, reviews and audits
  • Optimization of enterprise zone and R&D tax credits
  • Performance reviews and benchmarking
  • Operational reviews to identify cost reduction strategies
  • Inventory cost systems design and analysis
  • Design of internal controls
  • Guidance on key business lifecycle events

Want to hear more about our accounting services? Speak with one of our experts.

Want to hear more about our accounting services? Speak with one of our experts.